South Newton Administration Office

Board of School Trustees Public Notice

Public Notice

Regular Board Meeting and Executive Session


All upcoming board meeting notices will be posted in the Corporation menu. Address and times subject to change.


South Newton School Corporation Office

13232 S. 50 E.

Kentland, IN 47951

The meeting site may not be fully accessible. Any person requiring further accommodations should contact the Superintendent, at the School Corporation’s central office. 13232 S 50 E, Kentland, IN 47951 Phone: 219-474-5184


Pursuant to Indiana Code 2026737, the Board of School Trustees of South Newton School Corporation gives notice that on July 23, 2018, at 7:00 p.m., they will meet in public session at the Administration Building, located at 13232 South 50 East, Kentland, Indiana, to discuss and hear objections and support regarding the proposed renovations and improvements at the Elementary, Middle and High School buildings. You are invited to attend and participate in the hearings concerning the Projects.

Board Members

Amanda Berenda, President, York Township
Ryan Kindig, Vice-President, Washington Township
Cathy Zeider, Member, Grant Township
Candace Armstrong, Member, Iroquois Township
Anji Strasburger, Secretary, Jefferson Township

Superintendent Casey Hall

Superintendent Casey Hall

Office Staff Marci Hall

Office Staff Marci Hall

Office Staff Kim Wright

Office Staff Kim Wright