Indiana State School Music Association Solo and Ensemble Contest 2016


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On Saturday, February 5, many South Newton high school and middle school students traveled to Kankakee Valley MS to perform for the Indiana State School Music Association solo and ensemble contest. Congratulations to these students for their great performances!

Gold rating soloists:
Autumn Blacklidge: Flute Solo
Kiarra Battering: Clarinet Solo
Lucas Denton: Trumpet Solo
Lucas Denton: Horn Solo
Michaela Hanley: Clarinet Solo
Cameron O'Hare: Snare Drum Solo
Cameron O'Hare: Mallet Solo
Ethan Polen: Alto Saxophone Solo
Gabby Shoemaker: Alto Saxophone Solo
Kynon Sell: Snare Drum Solo
Will Smart: Snare Drum Solo
Alex Tsaparikos: Tuba Solo

Silver rating soloists:
Marianne Adams: Bass Clarinet Solo
Jasmine Brown: Alto Saxophone Solo
Tyler Langreder: Horn Solo
Piper Sell: Oboe Solo
Sage Whaley: Mallet Solo

Gold rating ensembles:
Eilers Brass Trio Trio: Philip Eilers, Andrew Kindig, Josh Peterson
Florian Clarinet Quintet: Marianne Adams, Kiarra Battering, Michaela Hanley, Kayla Florian,
Sam Hernandez
Griffin Trumpet Trio: Madison Delpino, Santoria Griffin, Levi Mueller
Mick Trumpet Trio: Lucas Denton, Aden Mick, Levi Mueller
Smolik Percussion Trio: Trevor Hoeferlin, Brandon Gilliam, Jameson Smolik
Wirtz Woodwind trio: Savannah Holt, Ethan Polen, Ethan Polen

Silver rating ensembles:
Contrad Woodwind Trio: Kara Conrad, Lea Conrad, Kylee Sutherlin
Langreder Brass Quartet: Lucas Denton, Tyler Langreder, Collin Narcaroti, Alex Tsaparikos
Rudisill Brass Trio: Madison Delpino, Jonathon Gilliam, Caleb Rudisill
Shoemaker Woodwind Trio: Marianne Adams, Jasmine Brown, Gabby Shoemaker

Additionally, Lucas Denton, Cameron O’Hare, and Alex Tsaparikos will travel to North Central High School on February 27 to perform at the state level! They received gold ratings on their group I solos!​