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Boys Varsity Baseball - game on 5/17/17 at FC has been cancelled.


Girls Varsity Softball - game on 5/17/17 @ FC has been re-scheduled for 5/15/17. 



Cross Country

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Girls Basketball



Cross Country
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Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball


Boys Golf

Welcome to South Newton High School. We would like for you to enjoy our games and help make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone else. Before you criticize the players, coaches or officials remember that you are talking about someone’s son or daughter, husband or wife. Let’s all practice good sportsmanship.


IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (3-6-17)
"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

One of the great success stories this year is about a Division III basketball team, Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Their 27-0 record is only part of the story. Their unconventional coach, Eric Bridgeland, is a realist who relates to his players in a very unique way. The following quote from USA Today sums up his approach:

"If you could wish your team one thing, I would wish they are having a blast and that they don't feel pressure. So that's what we are doing. In our team visualization before every game, we talk about being creative and enthusiastic in handling these awesome situations we get into."

Do you visualize success before your game?  This may be a key to Whitman's success and yours!

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Sports Passes 
On sale in the HS office and are not good for any tournaments
$  80 - Adult All Sports pass
$  55 - Student
$  40 - Senior Citizen (60 yrs & up)
$185 - Family passes are for only those who live in the house or are part of the household. 

$  4 - Middle School Games 
$12 - Family - MS Games 
$  5 - Varsity Games 
$15 - Family - Varsity Games 
Free - Children under 5


The IHSAA and NFHS are asking students to share their personal reasons for participating in high school sports and extra-curricular activities.

Would like to share your story for getting up at 5:00 am for practice?  What drives you to finish your homework so that you can make your choir/band performance?  Is it just fun or do you love the connections that you make with friends and teammates?  You can share your story at and it may be selected for a national campaign in 2017.



To:          Member School Principals and Athletic Administrators

From:      Bobby Cox, Commissioner

Re:         NFHS #MyReasonWhy Campaign

The Indiana High School Athletic Association in partnership with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) wish to announce an important campaign about the values of high school sports for our students.  To frame this discussion, the following is offered as context and perspective:

The IHSAA believes that participation in high school sports and activities brings tremendous value to students.

For example:

– Higher grades, increased attendance and graduation rates, and improved time management skills

– Improved problem solving skills, social behavior, persistence, creativity and self-control

– Greater sense of belonging and community – a feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves

To highlight these and countless other benefits of high school sports and activities, we’ve partnered with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) to create #MyReasonWhy – a campaign to celebrate all of the reasons why students participate.

* Beginning in October, we will invite students to share their personal reasons for participating in high school sports and activities.

* What motivates them to get out of bed 5 a.m. for swim practice? What drives them to stay home on the weekend to finish their homework so they can make the choir performance during the week? Is it all about making new friends or strengthening a connection with a sibling? Is it simply because it’s fun? Every student has their reason why, and we want to hear as many as we can.

* Students can submit their #MyReasonWhy story throughout the year by visiting

* NFHS will review and select story submissions to be featured in a national campaign in 2017.

* In addition to students, we will encourage everyone – parents, coaches, officials and community members – to share their reasons why they support high school sports and activities by using the hashtag #MyReasonWhy.

* For more information on the campaign, visit 

* If you have questions please reach out to Assistant Commissioner Chris Kaufman at