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Mike Patterson   

Position:  Network Systems Operator

Paula McCarthy  

Lorie Mills  

Education:  Paraprofessional Certificate
Hobbies:  I enjoy cooking, shopping & decorating.
Classes Taught:  Study Hall Monitor
Favorite Movie:  Christmas Vacation
Favorite Singer:  I love all music.
Favorite Book:  That changes with each book I'm reading- I love romance!
Favorite Food:  Everything is better with bacon!
Favorite Sport:  Football-The Pittsburgh Steelers & the Colts
Family:  I moved to Indiana in July of 2014 & I absolutely love it here!

Jennifer Yeager   

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Env. Science and Biology - Saint Joseph's College; Master of Education - Indiana Wesleyan
Hobbies:  Walk/Running; Reading
Classes Taught:   Science 7, 8, Stem 7, and HS Earth/Space
Extra-Curricular:   NJHS and Science Olympiad
Favorite Movie:  Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Singer or Group:  Bob Marley
Favorite Book:  The Fountainhead
Favorite Food:  Chips and Salsa
Favorite Sport:  The Cubs, Bears, Bulls
Family:  Married with two Children

Landon Hawkins   

Classes Taught:   US History and World History
Education:   Ball State University
Hobbies:   Sporting events, hanging with friends, being with family.
Favorite Food:  Chicken Wings
Favorite Sport:  Football


Natalie Gulliford   

Classes Taught:   High School Para and Special Needs Bus Driver
Hobbies:   Anything relaxing - spending time with family - listening to music
Favorite Singer or Group:   Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews
Favorite Food:   Grilled Ribeye Steak
Favorite Sport:  Basketball and Volleyball
Family:   My husband's name is Gordon. I have three grown children, Duane, Danny, and Jenna. My husband and I have a total of nine grandchildren together.


Tammy Polen   

Position:  Elementary Secretary


Matthew Armbruster   

Classes Taught:  Agribusiness Management, Advanced Life Science: Foods, Horticulture, Plant & Soil Science, Introduction to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and Exploratory Agriculture (MS Ag)


Suzan Breaz   

Education:  Purdue University BS Animal Science Transition to teaching- Life Sciences/Chemistry
Classes Taught:  Biology, Bio AP, Anatomy
Hobbies:  Horseback riding, Showing dogs, hiking, gardening, drawing, playing piano, guitar
Favorite Movie:  Hidalgo
Favorite Singer or Group:  Jim Croce
Favorite Book:  Dick Frances' Mystery novels
Favorite Food:  Watermelon
Favorite Sport: Basketball and Horse racing
Comments:  With a life filled with scientific experiences, I enjoy the opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation.

Kayla Beardsley   


Angela Vena    

Education:  BS - Secondary Ed; English, Spanish, Learning Disabled & Mildly Mentally Handicap, AS - Health Information, Master of Education from Indiana Wesleyan
Hobbies:  Jet Skiing, Swimming, Traveling
Extra-Curricular:  Class Sponsor
Classes Taught:  English, Spanish
Family:  Husband Alex, daughter Alyssa and dog Terrie
Favorite Movie:  My Best Friend's Wedding
Favorite Singer or Group:  Pop
Favorite Book:  A Child Called “It”, The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave
Favorite Food:  Pasta
Favorite Sport:  Basketball

Michael Jamieson   

Education:  Saint Joseph's College, Music Education
Hobbies:   Golf, Baseball, Football, spending time with family and friends, music
Extra-Curricular:   Marching Band, Science Olympiad
Classes:  Band grades' 5-12, Guitar Class, Music Theory
Favorite Movie:  Trouble With The Curve
Favorite Singer or Group:   Marc Broussard
Favorite Book:   Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Food:  Spaghetti
Favorite Sport:   Baseball and Golf

Charles Huckstep
High School Principal

Education:   BA from University of Indianapolis, MA from U of I, Adminsistrative from Butler
Hobbies:   Working outside, traveling
Personal Extra-Curricular:   Basketball
Favorite Movie:   Remember the Titans
Favorite Singer or Group:   Christian Music
Favorite Food:  Steak
Favorite Sport:  Football
Family:  Wife - Jayne, 3 boys all graduated.


Cheryl Link    

Education:  Miami International University - Fashion Merchandising  Kankakee Community College - Early Childhood Education
Hobbies:  swimming, traveling, anything with my family, scrap booking, crafts
Extra-Curricular:  class sponsor
Classes Taught:  Fashion Merchandising: Entrepreneurship: Apparel and Textiles I & II: Early Childhood Development I & II, Personal Finance
Family:  Husband - Jim daughters: Christina and Jessica
Favorite Movie:  any Julia Roberts movie
Favorite Singer or Group:  like many
Favorite Book:  Build the Fort Today by Jim Kern
Favorite Food:  shrimp
Favorite Sport:  softball


Darrell Allen    

Education:  BS & MS - Purdue   HS - North Daviess
Hobbies:  Gardening, Tractor Pulls and hunting mushrooms
Extra-Curricular:  FFA
Classes Taught:  Ag Mechanics, Welding, ICE
Family:  Wife Paige, Children - Ben, Kris and Zach
Favorite Movie:   Secondhand Lion
Favorite Singer or Group:  Statler Brothers
Favorite Book:  Bible
Favorite Food:  Catfish
Favorite Sport:  Basketball

Sonya Courtney  

Education:  IUPUI, Herron School of Art
Hobbies:  painting,drawing
Extra-Curricular:  Athletics-Ticket Coordinator,4-H
Position:  Athletic Director Secretary/High School Receptionist
Favorite Movie:  Little Women
Favorite Food:  Italian Beef
Favorite Sport:  Basketball


Holly Cooper   

Position:  Digital Literacy, Language Arts 8th Grade, Language Lab HS


Lydia Corbett   

Position:  Paraprofessional
Hobbies:  Reading, Crafts
Extra Curricular:  walking, Riding my bike, Family
Favorite Movie:  The Great Gatsby
Favorite Singer or Group:  Taylor Swift
Favorite Book:  Harry Potter Series
Favorite Food:  Filet mignon
Favorite Sport: Anything my grandchildren are doing
Family:  I have 3 children and 7 wonderful grandchildren. I have a black lab named Cocoa

Office of Administration
Todd Rudnick - Supt.
13232 S. 50 E.
Kentland, Indiana 47951
Phone: 219-474-5184
Fax: 219-474-6966

Elementary Address
Casey Hall - Principal
13188 South 50 East
Kentland, IN
Phone: 219-474-5167
Phone: 888-763-9866
Fax 219-474-3621

Middle School Address
Tansey Mulligan - Principal
13100 South 50 East
Kentland, IN
Phone: 219-474-5167
Phone: 888-763-9866
Fax 219-474-3624

High School Address
Charles Huckstep - Principal
Jeff Taylor - Tech Director
Chris Bell - Athletic Director & Transportation
13102 South 50 East
Kentland, IN
Phone: 219-474-5167
Phone: 888-763-9866
Fax 219-474-6592

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