State Facts

Statehood: June 25, 1788

Rank: 10th

Nickname: Old Dominion

Bird -Cardinal

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Flower -American Dogwood

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Tree - Dogwood

Motto ( a phrase to describe the purpose or goals of s group) Thus Always To Tyrants


Virginia, a southern state on the Atlantic Ocean, can be divided into five geographical regions; the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge, the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region, and the Appalachian Plateau.

Atlantic Coastal Plain: The Atlantic Coastal Plain runs from north to south along the Atlantic Ocean. This area of lowlands stretches about 100 miles inland and is covered with salt marshes and swamps. Its often called the Tidewater because of the flow of water up and down the coastal inlets and bays as the tide moves in and out. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is divided into a mainland in the west and a pennisula, called the East Shore, by Chesapeake Bay.

Piedmont: To the west of the Atlantic Coastal Plain is the Piedmont, Virginia's largest geographical land region. Sloping gradually upward from elevations of 200 to 300 feet above sea level in the east to 800 to 900 feet above sea level in the west, the rolling plain of the Virginia Piedmont covers most of central Virginia. About 40 miles wide in the northeast, the Piedmont expands to about 140 miles wide at the North Carolina border. The rivers and streams of the Piedmont generally flow in a southeasterly direction, breaking into low waterfalls at the "fall line" where the Piedmont meets the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

Blue Ridge: To the west of the Piedmont, lies the Blue Ridge. Northeast of Roanoke, Virginia, the Blue Ridge rises steeply from the Piedmont in the east and the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region in the west. It is the main eastern mountain range of the Appalachian Mountains. South of Roanoke, the Blue Ridge expands into a plateau with valleys, deep ravines, and the highest peaks in Virginia. Mount Rogers, the highest point in Virgina, is located in the Blue Ridge south of Roanoke.

Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region: Extending southwest to northeast along Virginia's western border is the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region. The Great Valley, sometimes called the Valley of Virginia, lies against the Blue Ridge in the east. Actually, the Great Valley is a series of valleys divided by mountains. The largest and most well-known of these valleys is the Shenandoah Valley. The Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region is riddled with caverns carved into the abundant limestone.

Appalachian Plateau: In the far southwestern portion of Virginia lies the Appalachia Plateau. This plateau extends into Kentucky as the Cumberland Plateau. Covered with rivers, streams, and forests, the Appalachian Plateau averages about 2,000 feet above sea level.

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Land Area: 39,594 square miles - ranked 35th in total area

Number of counties: 95



The years following the Civil War were difficult for the state of Virginiaand interrupted what had been a strong economy from the earliest years of colonization. However, by 1930, the per capita income for the population of Virginia was above the national average.

Virginia’s main industries include farming, (livestock, poultry and tobacco), manufacturing (chemicals, tobacco, textiles), minerals (primarily bituminous coal), fishing, trade, and transportation.


Population/Cities/State Capital


Population: 7,567,465 people

3 Largest Cities: Virginia Beach, 438,415 people
Click on city name to learn more         Norfolk, 231,954 people
                                      Chesapeake, 218,968 people

Capital City:

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia. It is a port of entry and a financial, commerical, shipping, and distribution center, with a deepwater port.

Richmond is a major tobacco market; tobacco and tobacco products are among its leading manufactures.

Clothing; chemicals; pharmaceuticals; metal, wood, and paper products; and computer components are also produced.

There are printing and publishing enterprises and numerous corporate headquarters in the city.

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