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Statehood: August 10, 1821


Nickname: The Show-Me State

Bird -Bluebird

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Flower -Hawthorn

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Tree - Dogwood

Motto ( a phrase to describe the purpose or goals of s group) -The Welfare of the People Shall                                                                    Be the Supreme Law


North of the Missouri River, Missouri is composed of Dissected Till Plains. This area is covered with rich soil that is particularly good for growing corn. This well-watered prairie is criss-crossed by many slow-moving rivers and streams.

The Osage Plains cover western Missouri. This area is mostly flat but some hills are evident. The soil in this region is not as rich as in the Dissected Till Plains. Corn and other grain crops are grown in the Osage Plains region.

The largest land area in Missouri, the Ozark Plateau, is a place of beauty covered with forested hills and low mountains. Under foot are many caves. The area is also known for its large springs, lakes, and clear rivers.

In the southwestern corner of Missouri, the high tableland makes for great gardens and great strawberries.

The St. Francois Mountains are in the southeast. This area is the highest and most rugged section of the state. Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in Missouri, is located in the St. Francois Mountains.

The southern part of Missouri is covered by the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. This land, once swampy, has been drained to form a rich farmland suitable for growing cotton, soybeans, and rice.

The southern portion of Missouri that juts into Arkansas, is called the Boot Heel because of its shape.


Missouri's landfoms include rolling hills, open, fertile plains, and a well watered prairie north of the Missouri river. South of the river land is rough and hilly with deep, narrow valleys, also the alluvial plain in the southeast and low elevations in the west.


National Forest



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Land Area: 68,885 square miles - ranked 21th in total area

Number of counties:114



Missouri's economy is dominated by industry. Aerospace and transportation equipment are the main manufactures; food products, chemicals, printing and publishing, machinery, fabricated metals, and electrical equipment are also important.

St. Louis is an important center for the manufacture of metals and chemicals.

In Kansas City, long a leading market for livestock and wheat, the manufacture of vending machines and of cars and trucks are leading industries.

Coal in the west and north central sections, lead in the southeast, and zinc in the southwest are among the products of Missouri’s mines. Lead, cement, and stone are the chief minerals produced in the state.

Missouri remains important agriculturally; with over 100,000 farms, the state ranks second only to Texas. The most valuable farm products are soybeans, corn, cattle, hogs, wheat, and dairy items.

The development of resorts in the Ozarks, including Branson and several lakes, has boosted tourism income.


Population/Cities/State Capital


Population: 5,800,310 people

3 Largest Cities: Kansas City, 444,965 people
Click on city name to learn more         St. Louis, 344,362 people
                                       Springfield, 150,298 people

Capital City:

Jefferson City is Missouri's state capital. The state government is the major employer, but the city, with rail and river facilities, is also the commercial and processing center of an agricultural area.

Machinery, construction materials, dairy products, furniture, and transportation equipment are produced.

It was a small river village when it was chosen in 1821for the state capital. The legislature moved there from St. Charles in 1826.

Because of divided loyalties and the difficulties of holding the state in the Union, Jefferson City was occupied by Union troops during the Civil War.


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