State Facts

Statehood: December 10, 1817


Nickname: The Magnolia State

Bird -Mockingbird

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Flower -Magnolia

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Tree - Magnolia

Motto ( a phrase to describe the purpose or goals of s group) -By Valor and Arms



Low fertile delta between the Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers.

Loess (buff to yellowish brown loamy deposits left by the wind) bluffs stretch around the delta border followed sandy Gulf coastal terraces, piney woods, and prairie.

High sandy hills in the northeast and black prairie belt, Pontotoc Ridge, and flatlands turning north to central highlands.


Low, fertile delta between Yazoo and Mississippi rivers. The Loess bluffs stretch around the delta border. There are sandy gulf coastal terraces followed by piney woods and prairies. You'll find rugged high sandy hills in extreme northeast, followed by the black prairie belt, the Pontotoc Ridge, and flatwoods into the North central highlands.


National Forests


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Land Area: 46,906 square miles - ranked 32th in total area

Number of counties:82



Mississippi has long been one of the most rural states in the US.

In the year 2000, Mississippi ranked third in the nation in the production of cotton. Other important crops are rice and soybeans. In addition, industry related to the production of chickens, catfish, and dairying are becoming more important to the state economy.

Industry has grown more rapidly with the development of oil resources, and in recent years, industrial products such as chemicals, plastics and wood products have become more profitable to the state than agriculture.


Population/Cities/State Capital


Population: 2,921,088 people

3 Largest Cities: Jackson, 177,977 people
Click on city name to learn more         Gulfport, 72,464 people
                                       Biloxi, 50,209 people

Capital City:

Jackson is the state's largest city and geographic center, with important rail, warehouse, and distribution operations.

Industries include food processing and the manufacture of glass, paper, and metal products; lumber; machinery; consumer goods; furniture; and concrete.

The site of the city, a trading post known as Le Fleur's Bluff near the Natchez Trace, was chosen and laid out as the state capital in 1821 and named for Andrew Jackson.

The first U.S. law giving property rights to married women was passed there in 1839.



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