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Statehood: January 26, 1837


Nickname: The Wolverine State

Bird -Robin

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Flower -Apple Blossom

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Tree - White Pine

Motto ( a phrase to describe the purpose or goals of s group) -If You Seek a Pleasant                                                                   Peninsula, Look Around You


Michigan, one of the leading manufacturing states, is a leading tourist state as well. Touching on four of the five Great Lakes, the two land areas of Michigan give the state a shoreline of 3,288 miles, second in length only to Alaska. Michigan also supports over 11,000 lakes. Michigan's two separate land areas are called the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. They're connected by the five mile long Mackinac Bridge.

Two land regions characterize the Michigan landscape; the Superior Upland and the Great Lakes Plains.

The Great Lakes Plain: The Lower Peninsula is part of the Great Lakes Plains that stretch, along the Great Lakes, from Michigan and Wisconsin to Ohio. The Lower Peninsula is fairly level but some low rolling hills can be found in the south. To the north this changes to a northern tableland of hilly belts. The lowest point in Michigan, along the shore of Lake Erie is found in the Lower Peninsula.

The Upper Peninsula is level with swampy areas in the east; part of the Great Lakes Plains.

Superior Upland: In the western part of the Upper Peninsula, the land achieves higher elevations and the terrain becomes more rugged. The western area of the Upper Peninsula is referred to as the Superior Upland. The Superior Upland runs along Lake Superior and into the Porcupine Mountains in northwestern Michigan. Mount Arvon, the highest point in Michigan, is found on the Upper Peninsula.


Low rolling hills give way to northern tableland of hilly belts in the Lower Penninsula; Upper Penninsula is level in the east, with swampy areas. The western region is higher and more rugged.


National Forest



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Land Area: 56,803 square miles - ranked 11th in total area

Number of counties:83



Michigan became the birthplace of the automobile industry in 1899 when Ransom Olds started the Olds Motor Works in Detroit. By 1903, Henry Ford had established the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn. Soon Detroit became known as the automobile capital of the world. The manufacture of automobiles is still Michigan’s chief industry.

Other manufactured products include metal products, chemicals, food products and non-electric machinery.

Michigan leads the nation in the production of cherries, which are grown in the state’s “fruit belt” along the shores of Lake Michigan. Fields of corn and grain cover much of the southern counties of the Lower Peninsula. Dairy farming is the most lucrative agricultural business in the state.

The tourism industry is very important to the economy of Michigan. Abundant fish in lakes and streams, as well as bear, deer, and other game animals make the Upper Peninsula a rich hunting and fishing region. Scenic woodlands attract many campers while thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams draw swimmers, water skiers, and boaters to the state.



Population/Cities/State Capital


Population: 10,120,860 people

3 Largest Cities: Detroit, 886,671 people
Click on city name to learn more         Grand Rapids, 193,780 people
                                       Warren, 135,311 people

Capital City:

Lansing is a trade and processing center for its surrounding agricultural area. Paper, metal, and plastic products; machinery; medical equipment; and building materials are manufactured.

The city grew after it was made state capital (1847), and industrial development came with the railroads (1870s) and the automobile industry (1897). Among the city's industries are meatpacking, food processing, and the manufacture of metal products

The state capitol houses a museum, and the state office building contains the state library and historical office. Lansing has the Michigan School for the Blind.


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