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Statehood: March 15, 1820


Nickname: The Pine Tree State

Bird -Chickadee

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Flower -White Pine Cone and Tassel

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Tree - White Pine Tree

Motto ( a phrase to describe the purpose or goals of s group) -I Lead


Located in the far northeast corner of the United States, Maine is the largest of the New England states. The Maine peninsula, West Quoddy Head, is the easternmost land area of the United States. The Pine Tree State (Almost 90% of Maine is forested.) can be divided into three geographic land areas stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east, northwest to the White Mountains.

Coastal Lowlands: The Coastal Lowlands start at the Atlantic Ocean and extend from ten to forty miles inland. This area is characterized by flat, sandy beaches in the south and small sandy beaches in small inlets between higher cliffs in the north. Thousands of years ago, this land was much higher. During the ice-age the land was compacted however, pushing the land down so that only the tops of hills remained above water. These hilltops form over 400 islands off the coast of Maine. Mount Desert is the largest of these islands. To the west of the coast and the beaches, the Coastal Lowlands are characterized by salt marshes and tidal creeks.

Eastern New England Uplands: To the northwest of the Coastal Lowlands, is a section of the Eastern New England Uplands that stretch from Canada south to Connecticut. This section is about twenty to fifty miles wide and rises from sea level to about 2,000 feet in the west. In the northern portion of the New England Uplands lies the Aroostook Plateau. This good farmland and is where Maine potato crops prosper, growing strong in the deep fertile soil. South of the Aroostook Plateau, the land is marked by lakes and fast streams. The Longfellow Mountains run through the center of the the New England Uplands.

White Mountains: An extension of New Hampshire's White Mountains, the Maine White Mountain region covers northwestern Maine; about 5 miles wide in the north and about 30 miles wide in the south. Mount Katahdin, Maine's highest point, is found in this region.


Appalachian Mountains extend through state; western borders have rugged terrain, long sand beaches on southern coast; northern coast mainly rocky promontories, peninsulas, fjords.


National Park


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Land Area: 30,861 square miles - ranked 39th in total area

Number of counties: 16



Maine has a wealth of natural resources that support a large part of the state’s economy. Nearly 89% of Maine’s land area is covered by forest. As a result, the state is one of the world’s leading producers of paper products.

Mineral deposits within the state include granite (used for construction throughout the United States), sand and gravel, and zinc.

Wooden shipbuilding was historically one of Maine’s most important industries. Shipbuilding has greatly declined in recent decades, but the state now produces warships at the Bath Iron Works. It is one of the state’s largest single employers.

Large amounts of lobster and sardines are harvested from the waters off the coast.

Rich farmlands to the west produce dairy products, poultry, eggs, potatoes, blueberries, hay and apples.

Tourism remains a significant industry for the state. Resorts along Maine’s coast and on its numerous islands attract many visitors to the state each year.






Population/Cities/State Capital


Population: 1,321,505 people

3 Largest Cities: Portland, 63,889 people
Click on city name to learn more         Lewiston, 36,050 people
                                       Bangor, 31,074 people

Capital City:

Augusta is the capital of the U.S. state of Maine. The city's population was 18,560 at the 2000 census, making it the third-smallest state capital after Montpelier, Vermont and Pierre, South Dakota.

Shoes, computers, electronic equipment, and paper products are manufactured.

Augusta is located on the Kennebec River at the head of tide. It is home to the University of Maine at Augusta.


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