Second Grade





Classroom Activities




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My Online Neighborhood

Faux Paw the techno cat - Internet Safety


Find the Technology


Spelling City - word lists


Dog's Letter Pit

Math Fact Shoot Out

Number Race

Jr Raceway - Comparing Numbers


Advanced Math Multiplication Practice


                                      Skill Review

Pronoun Clubhouse - using the correct pronoun


Go For The Gold - subjects and predicates


Alphabetizing - Plant the abcs

                 More planting the abcs


Dragon Spelling Practice - spelling


Sight word BINGO


Life on the PRONOUN Reef

  Opposites    Word Recognition (POUNCE)
   Synonyms       Spicy Hot
   Sentence Structure      Nouns and Verbs
     Noun Dunk
Word Family Sort
Maze Mania


ABC YA - addition

Addition Machine


Build A Sentence!
Quick Changing Words

  Addition Surprise

    Balloon Pop Subtraction


Monkey Math - Addition


Ninja Turtles - Addition facts


   Addition Math Facts

Subtraction Facts


Math Match

Even and Odd Numbers

Dragon Eggs


Even or Odd - click Generate




Fabulous Fractions

Painting with HALVES

Crossing the River

Fraction Monkeys


Word problems with Katie - level 1




 Bremen Town


  MORE + facts         MORE - facts             + and - math story


Where's Iggy - map reading


  Gawain's World



Dolch Nouns Practice 1

Dolch Nouns Practice 2

Dolch Nouns Practice 3

Dolch Nouns Practice 4

Dolch Nouns Practice 5


High Frequency Words 1

High Frequency Words 2

High Frequency Words 3

High Frequency Words 4


The Pledge of Allegiance


Me and My Cat


Internet Theme Day Activities
Africa -
Color Words wordsearch -
Coloring -

Dental Health - TOOTHMAN      Toothpaste Tower

                               Match the dental words    Dental Jigsaw Puzzle

                              Dental Sliding Puzzle    Guess What? - fun facts

Dr. Seuss -
Earth, Sun and Moon -  

Fire Safety -
          Amazing Mazes


Sparky's Eye For Safety

Mc Gruff's - Be Fire Safe! (click on the Be Fire Safe box)


Let's learn about firefighters
Meet Hershey the fire fighting dog

Let's look at fire trucks


Fire Safety For Kids - areavibes

Halloween - Word Search

                       Spooky Switcharoo

                      Write a Halloween Story

                       Jack O'Lantern Jigsaw Puzzle - 12   25

Measurement - Measurement Fun -
                              Teddy Bear Measurement -
President's Day - George Washington     Abraham Lincoln
Rainforest -

Read Aloud Stories BookPals -

CBeebies -

Saint Patrick's Day ~ puzzles - Top Hat Greeting

                                                           Shamrock Bling


                                         Leprechaun MAZE

                                         word searches -   one    two  three 

                                         Saint Patrick's Day hangman

                                         Pot of Gold Math Game

                                         Irish Tic Tac Toe Game

                                         St. Patrick's Day Dot to Dot

                                         Shamrock Shatter Game

                                         Spot the Difference Game

                                         The Pot of Gold

                                         Saint Patrick's Day Match Game


Second Grade Web Searches -

Science Lab
Slide, Flip and Turns


Scott Foresman Social Studies -


Simon Says




  Word Search


Santa Puzzle




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