WeMath Facts






Math Magician - timed fact work





Addition Fact Work

Addition Surprise

Fruit Shoot   7 levels

Penguin Party   2 levels

Addition Matching Mania

Ball Hogs

Math Match 3 levels

Pirate Marble Math

Addition Machine 3 levels

Monkey Math

Ninja Turtle Addition Game

Sum Sense

Hi-Rise Addition 2 players

Froggy Addition

Add'em Up

Speed Grid Addition 1 2 3

Monster Addition

Feed Fribbet- select Pro

Balloon Pop - read directions carefully

Add Like Mad

Bugabaloo Shoes

Cargo Security

Arrgh!!! Pirate Addition

Crazy Cone Addition


Subtraction Fact Work

Fruit Shoot 7 levels

Pearl Search  2 levels

Subtraction Matching Mania

Cyber Challenge - all 4 operations

Simple Subtraction  3levels

Mystery Picture

Sum Sense Subtraction

Speed Grid Subtraction 1 2 3

Subtraction Machine  3 levels

Race Car Subtraction

More Mystery Pictures 1  2

Monster Subtraction

Feed Fribbet - select Pro




Multiplication Fact Work

Fruit Shoot work 2- 9 or 1 - 5, 1- 10, 1- 13

Stun Attack    2 levels

Multiplication Matching Mania

Sum Sense Multiplication

Mystery Picture Multiplication

Multiplication Memory Game   upper level

Multiplication 0f 4's, 5's and 6's

Monster Multiplication





Division Fact Work


All 4 operations +, -, *, /

Math Man Games - select an operation

Monkey Drive Games - select an operation

Catch the Falling Stars Game - select an operation


Mixed Operations

Fruit Shoot   3 levels

Mixed Math Majhong

Quick Math







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