Typing Club

key recognition - goal-oriented**

Typing Lessons/Exercises

    based on home row and finger reaches


Typing.com - frees sign up - tracks progress**

lessons and games


Home Row keys and the Home Row


Practice - Home Row keys


Learning Games for Kids - keyboarding (21)


keyboarding games - over 50 different activities




  Keyboard Challenge Game



Touch Typing Study



Big Brown Bear   




Home Row Kennys - typing the home row keys (like Whack a Mole)




Typing Adventure Level 1 - typing home row keys



Typing Adventure Level 2 - all keys




Learn to Type - 14 lessons
Accuracy and Speed Scores given


Spell Dictator



6 minute test of your touch typing skills



2nd Grade Keyboarding Unit - 18 Lessons  



Power Typing!







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