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Math Magician Addition

Math Magician Subtraction


Let's Code!

Stage 1 - Happy Maps video 1- SMART board lesson

Stage 2 - Move It, Move It!   video2  SMART board lesson

Stage 3 Jigsaw - close video - learn to drop Stage 4 video4   Mazes:                          sequencing Stage 5 video 5 Mazes:                    debugging

Stage 6 video6   Real Life Algorithms-              SMART board lesson

out of order

Schoolhouse mixup

1    2


Stage 7 video7  Bee sequence                    programming Stage 8 video8            Artist sequence


Stage9 video9 Building a Foundation activity

Smart board lesson



Stage 10 Artist Shapes


Stage 11 video11      Spelling Bee

Stage 12  video 12 Getting Loopy   Smart board lesson assessment 1


Stage 13 Maze Loops

Stage 14    video14        Bee Loops

Stage 15 video15

Stage 16 video 16 Play Lab - create a story



Stage 17 video17 Going Place Safely
Stage 18 Artists Loops Thanks to for an awesome introduction to coding/programming for younger students :)

Kahoot - play


Fraction Splat


CHANGE IT - science activity


Alphabet Soup


Sundance Literactive Readers - set 2

Sundance Literactive Readers - set 3

Sundance Literactive Readers - set 4

Sundance Literactive Readers - set 5

ESL Online Stories - all 5 sets


Put the Alphabet in Order

Letter Fire

Alphabet BINGO

Alphabet Letter Puzzle

Alpha Bricks

Monkey Match - select rhyme!


When PIGS fly!


Spell with Howard!


Math Review

Ball Hogs - facts
Bumble Numbers 2 - facts
Drop Sums
Math Baseball - addition
Power Football - addition
Math Match - 3 levels 4 operations


                                      Skill Review


Patterns - Moon Rocks



Leo loves to SPELL


SUPER - connect-the-dots


Coloring 4 ALL


Match Howard



   Word Recognition (POUNCE)


   Find Howard!!!


   Vowels and Consonants


The NICK of Rhyme

Reggie loves to Rhyme

Digby's Rhyming



 Color Howard - online coloring


Let's Do Puzzles with Howard!


What's the Word? -click on the word that describes the picture


We Do Listen!



Spelling City


Homograph GAME!


Insect Jigsaw Puzzles
Ant    Bee    Butterfly    Ladybug    Spider


Roy The Zebra - Sentence Games             

            Word Builder                         

Sentence Building 

                        Lionel's Talking Gizmo - Funky sentences
                proper sentence structure - subject, verb, and adjective usage


                                It's Fun To READ!



The Problem With Chickens


The MESSY Attic


Good, Better, Best Trampolini Game

Sam's Synonym Lab


Learn To Tell TIME!


Fractions   Fractions   Fractions

Frank and Fran's Fabulous Fraction Story

I Want My Half Fraction Story

Whale of a Tale - Fractions

Counting Addition


Froggy Hops - Addition

Addition Pinball


Whale of a Tale - click on Activity button



Hi- Rise Addition - play with a partner

Tom and Jerry Math - timed


Batman Addition - timed facts

Simple Subtraction -
3 levels of play

Counting to 100 - number patterns


Mystery Picture
subtraction facts to 20


PLANET BLASTER - once loaded
select SET Options to imput numbers and operation choices.

See and Spell Blends

See and Spell Digraphs

Word Blender

Word Wheel




Vowels Save the Day!


Short Vowel Sounds

Short "a"  Short "e"  Short "i"  Short "o"  Short "u"
Long Vowel Sounds

The Amazing Silent "e"             more with Silent "e" Picture Hunt

TWO VOWELS - when 2 vowels go walking      More with 2 Vowels


Y Can Be A Vowel


Long "a"  Long "e" Long "i"  Long"o"  Long "u"
Ice cream CAKE
MEET the Creeps
The Doctor's LINE
The TOAD and the Goat


The Something Special Painting Game


Jungle Eyes


match spring match

easter 3 tulip drop and drag


Gray Whales

FACTS   1     2     3     4

Whale watching - 1 baby    2    3 super pod

More on gray whales - 1   2    3    4    5


Internet Theme Day Activities

Apples -

Apple Boxes -

Apple Catch -

Apple Concentration -

Apple jigsaw puzzle -

Apple Match -

Apple Simple Simon -

Johnny Appleseed
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles - Squirrel     Santa     Elf
Coloring -

Dental Health - Visit the Dentist with Marty          Animal Antics

                               Online Coloring

Dr. Seuss - Cat's Concentration Game    Green Eggs and Ham Picture Scramble

                                            Sylvester Mc Bean's Sneetch Belly Game

                                                                Sam I AM Game

Fox In Box Matching Word Game
                                          Oh The Places You'll Go!
                                                                  Catch A Thing!


Earth Day - Sort, Sort, Sort  Plant A Tree puzzle  What's the PROBLEM? memory match

                        Michael, Michael Go Recycle    I love TREES!     Every day is Earth Day!

Fire Safety - FIRE SAFETY WITH SPARKY        Sparky and the Fleas

Fire Safety Rap

If There's a Fire!

Danger Rangers Video     Danger Rangers Hazard House

Groundhog's Day - Hibernating Animal Memory Match
                                     Groundhog Drop and Drag Puzzle

                                       Groundhog's Day Word Jumble

                                      Groundhog Concentration Game


Halloween - Costume Dress Up   Sticker Fun   Tic Tac Your Toe

                        Frankenstein Bogey       Memory Puzzle

Heart - Little D's Food Challenge

               Fruit and Veggies Pyramid Game     

              Online Coloring Sheets         

Math -
Memorial Day -   Eagle and Flag Puzzle
Nutrition -

Read Aloud Stories BookPals -

                               CBeebies -

Recycling -
Scarecrows -
Scott Foresman Social Studies -

St. Patrick's Day -Shamrock Jigsaw Puzzle                Shamrock Match         Lucky Adding   

Dress Up Irish Lass          Leprechaun Tic Tac Toe           Dress Up Angels

Thanksgiving -  Thanksgiving Dinner Bounce Game

                         Turkey Swap

                         Help the Pilgrims Through The Turkey Maze

                         Coloring Book

                         Turkey Flibriks

Valentine's Day - Break the Hearts    Catch the Hearts     More Hearts

                           Tic-Tac-Toe 3 hearts in a row     Puzzle 1    2   3   

                           Dress up Doll      Valentine Word Drop Game

                           Online coloring pages 1    2   3   4

Veteran's Day -    Bald Eagle Jigsaw Puzzle

                                 Statue of Liberty Puzzle

                                 Creative Coloring

Webkinz -
Zoo - 
Indianapolis Zoo

Brookfield Zoo
Other Excellent Sites -  K-3 themes -
WebQuests -,1871,40458-119504-44-41339,00.html
Little Animals Activity Center -
Groundhog's Day - Concentration Game      

First Grade Research

other sites

1D -




Jigsaw Puzzle Games Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle VD Mix Up

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