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Groundhog's Day


2 minute jigsaw puzzle challenge


Dress the Groundhog

Groundhog Drop and Drag Puzzle

Groundhog Jigsaw Puzzle

Beagle coloring

Dog Cat Mouse coloring



2nd Grade - Life Cycles





Life cycle movie and games



3rd Grade - Career Choices



3rd Grade - Chinese New Year



3rd Grade - Government Services


3rd Grade - Medieval Times



3rd Grade - Tongue Twisters

                                Tongue Twister 2



3rd Grade - United States Symbols

                               Statue of Liberty - thanks, Addie!



4th Grade - Halloween Jokes       Page   1   2   3   4   5



4th Grade - Indiana Dunes



4th Grade - Famous Indiana Landmarks


4th Grade - Famous Hoosiers


5th Grade - The Bones Inside Us!


5th Grade - Holiday Web Hunt



All School - Math Madness



Dr. Seuss -

Cat's Concentration Game - Level 1 - Match character pictures
                                         Level 2 - Match character and book title

Green Eggs and Ham Picture Scramble - 9 piece jigsaw puzzle

Sylvester McBean's Sneetch Belly Game - star or no star pattern memory game

Sam I Am Game - memory activity with word recognition - click the sequence Sam says

Fox in Box Matching Word Game - place word blocks in the correct order to describe the picture

Catch A Thing - maze game - use the arrow keys to catch thing 1 and Thing 2       2 levels

Oh, The Places You'll Go! - use the arrow keys to fly and catch orange balloons

The Lorax - mouse manipulation game

Mr. Brown's Color Words - letter recognition

One Fish, Two Fish Concentration

The Diffendoofer Teachers Have Lost Their Rooms

Find The Animal That Doesn't Belong!

Elephant Ball

Find The Funny Fish!

The Nocturnal Hat Hunt

Such Great Heights

Weather Transformers

Migration Adventure

Now You See Me!!! Now You Don't!!!




Winter Olympics - http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson250.shtml


Summer 2008 Beijing Olympics


Veteran's Day -      Veteran's Day Tic-Tac-Toe           

                                          Veteran's Day jigsaw puzzles

                      White House ABCs

                        White House dog maze

       Ben's Guide


Veteran's Day based non-fiction reading passages and questions for grades k- 6 at readworks.org



A Pilgrim's Journey

Take the Trip

Journey on the Mayflower

Tour the Ship

Daily Life

Join the Thanksgiving Feast


A Pilgrim Webquest for older students


Turkey Flibriks




Earth Day


Earth Day Scavenger Hunt



Memorial Day




Literacy Luau

GO Fish!

Hook the Fish

Jigsaw Puzzles  1   2   3   4

Hawaii State Symbols

Hang Mouse

Unscramble the Hawaiian Symbols

Ukulele video

Spell Hawaiian Words

Hawaiian Word Search

Letter Fall - Hawaiian words

History of Surfing

Hawaii word-a rama

Search for the Hawaiian words

Surf's Up


The Hawaii State Flag

Hawaii State Map

Hawaii State Bird

Hawaii State Flower


Hawaii Facts and Trivia



Pearly Shells

Hawaiian Color song

Learn About Hawaii





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