The human figure is generally 7 to 8 heads tall. The measurement from the top of the head to the chin, multiplied by 7 to 8, will give you the height of a figure.  For example, if the head measures 9 inches, then the figure will be 63 to 72 inches tall.

For this sculpture exercise, we will use the following guidelines:

Everything will be measured using the head as the unit of measure in determining the PROPORTIONS for this figure.  Begin with an ball of clay fashioned into an oval.  The dimensions of this oval should determine the other body proportions.  For example, if the oval is two inches from top to bottom, the total figure should measure approximately 16 inches from the top of the head to the feet.

Shoulders = 1 1/2 heads for female figure OR 2 heads for male figure

Arms (shoulder to tip of fingers) = 3 heads

Elbow to bottom of palm = length of foot

Tip of finger should rest mid thigh

Torso (neck to top of legs) = 3 heads
Legs = 4 heads
Top of leg to knee = 2 heads
Knee to ankle = 1 1/2 heads
Ankle to bottom of foot = 1/2 head

Feet = (length of elbow to bottom of palm)