7 Steps of Throwing
7 Steps of Throwing
By Lauren K.


-coning up- wrap hands around clay; squeeze up into a cone

- pushing down at a 45 degree angle; left hand pushes down, right hand pushes at a 45 degrees

- flatten; left thumb under, right hand pushes clay down

        2.Center Hole

- thumbs back to back

- find center

- go down to about a 1/2 inch from wheel

        3.Establish Bottom

- using left hand; middle fingers dig a level base leaving about 1/2 inch from wall

        4.Smooth Bottom & Lip

- using left hand; fingers apply pressure back and forth on bottom

- using both hands; fingers gently apply pressure on the lip

        5. Pull Walls

- elbows in; lock thumbs

- with left hand inside, match finger tips at base; squeeze

- lift hands and clay up and in

- massage lip

        6.Shaping Pot

- With the pulling motion, direct the clay out or in as needed.

- Fingers may "mismatch" to create a belly or neck.

        7. Finishing Steps

- Same as a pull with no pressure, use a metal rib to clean slip off of outside

- Clean lip with wet paper towel, wrap with pressure

- Clean foot of vase by trimming extra clay with modeling tool at angle

- Use a wire tool to string the pot